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Start expanding your business right away! Give P2P cash a try to discover a sure way to bigger profits with Coin Vaders™.

Our comprehensive set of FinTech solutions will help you to get the maximum benefits of processing payments in both fiat money and common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


Instant Crypto

Instant Crypto

Buy and sell coins for regular money at competitive rates without paying high bank charges. Withdraw funds raised in real time with SEPA.


Coin Vaders™

Coin Vaders™

Create physical EU IBANs for your customers to let them receive transfers with no recalls. Monitor international wire transfers easily with our proprietary IBAN interface.



Smart & Secure
Crypto Wallet

Manage your crypto/fiat assets with maximum efficiency & safety. Keep banks away from your funds. In addition, you don’t need to develop special know-how to benefit from investing in crypto. Use Coin Vaders™ Wallet to make sure that’s true!

Buy, Sell and Withdraw Coins with SEPA

To process funds, you first need to create a wallet


SEPA Wire Transfers

Individual EU IBAN


Individual LT/EU IBANs make a perfect solution for business owners seeking a way to wire funds and avoid tons of fees.

Speed up your payment transactions in the most accurate and proven way. Qualified 24/7 support is included.

Online Transfers with Bitcoin & Co


Using your crypto wallet, you can wire money with the most common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

To wire money with crypto coins, you don’t need to acquire a special know-how. All you need is to enter the necessary amount and wire the coin equivalent for fair fee.

Real-time Exchange


With our solution you can exchange and wire money in real-time with no need to deal with cumbersome forms of payment processing.

Manage your fund movements wisely with SEPA!


Crypto / Fiat Exchange

within your Private E-Wallet

Your Private E-Wallet allows you to buy bitcoins and other common cryptocurrencies for fiat or sell coins for traditional money at direct rates. Another pro is, you can enter cryptocurrency trading dealing with fiat assets only. Our Fiat-in-Fiat-out concept stands for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Get rid of greedy middlemen! Pay fair fees for cryptocurrency exchange! Manage your fiat/crypto funds the way you see it!

Features You Wallet Offers:

  • Fast registration and KYC submission
  • Opportunity to view wallet’s account summary
  • Accepting fiat/crypto from third-party accounts/addresses
  • Opportunity to manage beneficiary details

Exchange types we offer



Use your chance to invest in promising P2P cash. Exchange currency you have for coins you want in no time!



Your wallet makes purchasing bitcoins and common altcoins for fiat money very easy, fast and pocket-friendly.



Trade coins in your wallet for a more convenient currency without visiting banks and exchanges. Sell crypto for fiat money with no worries and hard feelings!



Real-time fiat to fiat exchange at competitive rates is one of those features you get with our solution.

BioSecure Payments

Protect your funds with the latest security solutions that make our platform business-friendly.

The solutions were specially developed to ensure the highest level of safety, privacy and processing speed to online cross-border payments. Our BioSecure Payments include:


Biometric face recognition


Fingerprint identification


KYC compliance